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I cherish my bag, to have our first family portrait immortalised forever (on a beautiful leather bag as well!) feels so special!

Karen, Southwark

Your imagination + our craftsmanship = the most beautiful gift

a truly unique service

We take your handprints, footprints, doodles, drawings, hand written messages and love notes and gold stamp them onto our accessories in our Somerset factory.

gold stamping in action!

Your design is traced by me very carefully - being sure to capture every detail and remaining true to the original you have sent me. I then send visuals to you for your final approval.

After your approval I send the artwork files, and your unique tool is engraved by a company in East London who have been making metal blocking tools for over 50 years.

The blocking tools are made from magnesium and can be recycled.

Your tool is then sent to our factory in Somerset. This is where the real magic happens!

Your chosen H&T piece is then carefully aligned in the gold stamping press with a sheet of gold foil and your own tool. The press is set at incredibly high temperatures to achieve a clean defined line.

Daren does all of the gold stamping at the factory - he has gold stamped hundreds of personalised leather accessories over the past 5 years!

Your personalised piece is then checked over carefully by Claire in quality control, packaged and sent to me in London - where I pack it inside a H&T cotton dustbag, beautifully wrap and ribbon (if requested!) and ship to you - or direct to the lucky recipient.

We have a comprehensive range of leather goods that can be gold stamped and personalised.

There are small leather goods for men, for women there are two handbag styles and also a smaller zip top pouch if you are looking for something simpler.