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New styles and colours are introduced into the H&T collection each season, sitting alongside a much loved and sought after core range. We aren't fashion faddy but like to learn from our customers what you want and take it from there.

Every bag we make is checked for quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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In the film you can see metal knives - they look a bit like biscuit cutters - are used to stamp out pattern pieces from leather. You can see Mike is laying the knife down in a clever way in order to reduce waste.


H&T bags are made in factories in Somerset - in Frome and Yeovil - these factories specialise in smaller scale production.

The bags are all cut, stitched and assembled by highly skilled craftspeople. Mike cuts the leather, Sue stitches, Daren does the gold stamping and Claire has the eagle eyes for quality control.

I love visiting the factories to discuss and develop ideas for new bags, new leather ideas, helping with QC and making cups of tea.


We use several different leather articles to make our bags. Smooth and pebble grains, soft and structured. Every skin is carefully selected for its suitability to the bag style and performance requirement.

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