Leather & material information
Solid colour leathers
Leather is a natural material and will soften and change over time - this is part of the natural ageing process and should be cherished for the stories it tells.
At Honey & Toast we use 2 types of leather. One is from a tannery in Italy, the raw materials for which comes from Scandinavia. The tannery we use is famed for its prestigious history in vegetable tanned articles. Vegetable tanned leathers will develop a unique patina over time, which is both beautiful and unique, they also soften so the structure of your bag will change as you use it. The half moon bag in conker and raspberry pink is made from a vegetable tanned leather and the nude colour leather handle straps on the black and dark red Etter saddlebag and Eddie shoulder bag are also a veg tanned very naturally finished skin.
The other leather use we is an article from a tannery in the Netherlands, the raw materials for which come from Germany. The finish of which is chrome tannage with a veg retannage and a pigmented finish. This leather is a thickness of around 2mm and has a strong structure which partners well with our styling and shapes. This leather will wipe dry easily and is very hardwearing. A majority of our bags are made from this leather. 
Printed leathers
Printed leathers, as seen on the children's purses, ideally need to be kept as dry as possible and kept out of bright sunlight for prolonged periods as this can cause fading. The print is applied digitally onto white leather skins in Nottingham. 
Metal fittings
The metal fittings on all Honey & Toast products are made from coated and uncoated brass, they will develop a unique patina over time, as you use and handle them. The brass fittings may have small irregular marks and are unlikely to be a totally flat, uniform colour. We consider this to be a positive, and, as with the leather we use, the metal fittings will change over time making your bag unique to you.
Bag linings
The purses with printed leather flaps are lined in grey suede, the body of all purses are unlined. The entire handbag collection is unlined. You may see markings on the reverse side of the solid colour leather.