take care of your bag

Your drawing or handwriting - our craftsmanship.

This service is truly unique to Honey & Toast, and has been a key part of our brand from the very beginning.
It really is such a heart felt concept and the most wonderful gift.

Whether you choose to personalise your piece with a child's drawing, precious doodle, handwritten message, hand or footprint or classic initials our skilled super stars in Somerset will gold stamp your H&T bag or wallet.             

Simply shop the collection under the PERSONALISED menu,
find your perfect piece, tick the 'Add Personalisation' box and attach your file.
Any questions at all just email me info@honeyandtoast.co.uk
After you have approved a visual via email, your brass tool is made in London.
This is then sent to Somerset where the tool is placed between the leather and gold foil in a press heated to 100°c.

 The time frame for this service is 2-3 weeks. 


Please note that as you handle your product over time the gold foil gold may fade.