Polka Dot Club + H&T limited edition medium denim rabbit


Honey & Toast + Polka Dot Club!

Such a super special limited edition!

With knitted blue dungarees and a navy blue leather backpack, this PDC medium rabbit is sure to delight children of all ages. Handmade from denim canvas with a disk jointed neck and floppy limbs mean it is positionable and perfect for play. The hand embroidered face and ankle laces make this a completely unique item. 

Body made from 100% denim canvas, with poly-fill stuffing. Approx. 43cm / 17 inches tall. For children over the age of 3 years old. Hand made in Lima, Peru.

The leather we use has a natural structure and body - your satchel will age beautifully over time, only adding more and more character to your product. 

Mini satchel is 12cm wide x 9.5cm high x 4cm deep, and has adjustable shoulder straps, the bag can be worn on the rabbit crisscrossed or on one shoulder.

There is a matching satchel for children available also.

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